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Some History and Background:
How I Became Involved With
Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes

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As some of my readers who are familiar with my books, websites, email list groups or lectures may already know, my name is Vinny Pinto. I am not only a research and development (R&D) consulting scientist with a Master's degree in the sciences (and additional graduate-level university training in a number of other realms as well, including acupuncture), and with extensive undergraduate training in the sciences and in engineering, but I am also a mystic, an intuitive, and a spiritual healer, and I have, for many years, been surrendering each day of my life, including all of my activities, to service to Divinity, that is, to what I call Supreme Heart and Holy Spirit. I have chosen to explicitly mention the spiritual aspect of my life, and the role in my life of Divine guidance, because it is, as you will see in my story below, quite relevant to the topic that I will be discussing on this page.

I have been working with beneficial microbes that fall in a functional category that I call syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM) since late 2002, and I have worked extensively in particular with a functional group of syntropic antioxidative microbes called purple non-sulfur bacteria (aka PNSB), and with various microbial consortia which contain PNSB as dominant members, including the SAM type 4 consortia (aka SAMT4 or SAMT4C), which consortia may be found in various forms in a number of products available in the marketplace for uses ranging from probiotic nutritional supplements for human and animal consumption, to products for odor management, waste management, agricultural soil treatment, pond and waterway remediation, waste remediation, and numerous other applications in the consumer market, commerce and agriculture.

I have, since early 2003, operated two large email list groups devoted to the topic of beneficial SAM microbes, have authored two books in the field, and have delivered lectures and seminars on this topic (particularly on the use of SAMT4 microbial consortia in human nutrition, agriculture, waste management and odor control) across the USA and across the world.

Since mid-2003, I have been providing consulting on uses and applications of SAM microbes (and particularly SAMT4 microbial consortia and PNSB microbes) across the world, and I have rendered consulting services in this field for client companies and NGOs located on every continent except Antarctica, and my consulting work in this field has taken me to every corner of the USA, and to places around the world ranging from southern India to Nicaragua to Malaysia. I have been told by many clients and prospective clients that I am seen as the premiere consultant in this field across the world.

In fact, Google searches have shown that my (now out-of-print) 2006 book on this category of microbes -- a rather technical work that had initially been targeted to only a very small audience -- titled Fermentation with Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes, is catalogued as appearing on the shelves of numerous technical libraries, and the libraries of universities and other institutions, from around the world. In fact, a primary reason why I ultimately pulled both the digital and print versions of that book off the marketplace (thus leading to my having earlier labeled it as "out-of-print") back in 2009 was because I had discovered that it -- along with a less-technical introductory volume that I had written on applications of SAM microbes -- was being widely pirated across the world, and particularly in North America, to the extent that 4 out of 5 copies in circulation had been pirated, thus depriving me of rightful income that could have, and would have, continued to support my ongoing research work in this field. Worse, I had learned that a number of the pirated copies of my book that were being distributed illegally on "pirate" websites and somewhat shady online forums had been modified by some entirely unauthorized third-party self-styled "editors" along the way so that they now contained grossly incorrect, and even dangerous, information in some of the sections (of course, I must note here, with a bit of wry humor, that it could easily be said that anyone who would procure and use the information in a pirated copy of a book deserves to end up with a book that contains incorrect information, as a kind of karmic punishment...!).

Perhaps the strangest, or at least the funniest, side-effect of my seeming eminence in this realm of "syntropic antioxidative microbes" was the fact that, during many periods in the time window ranging between 2007 and 2014, if someone entered my name (Vinny Pinto) in the Google search engine, one or more keyword-targeted Google ads for various probiotic and other beneficial microbial products would often appear above the search listing returns (unfortunately, it is my impression that at least some of those products did not, in reality, necessarily contain significant quantities of any SAM microbes, and rather, unscrupulous marketers were merely taking advantage of the "name recognition" factor of my name in these realms...!).

And, on a somewhat related note, to this day, I regularly receive spam emails from vendors of various probiotic microbial products and other microbial products, telling me that I have been "...identified as a major social media influencer" and "...world-recognized expert" in the field of beneficial microbes, and then asking me for my endorsements of various microbial products (BTW, as you have likely guessed, each of these uninvited and unsolicited spam emails has always ended up in my spam folder...).

Since approximately early 2006, I have been asked a number of times, across a wide variety of media and venues, including queries sent to me via my social media pages, and in conversations with consulting clients or prospective clients, and at lectures and seminars around the world that I have given on the topic, how I became involved in my research and consulting work in this realm of beneficial microbes called syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM), and in particular, with my work with purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB), which fall into the category of syntropic antioxidative microbes.

Before I proceed further with my narrative, I should pause here and mention that a number of syntropic antioxidative microbes, including Bacillus subtilis and PNSB, have often been labeled by researchers as "soil-based microbes", simply because they are often found in soils (and particularly in healthy soils) around the world. Of course, in the case of PNSB, they can also be described, with equal accuracy, as mud-based microbes, water-based microbes, and gut-based microbes, because PNSB have often been found to occur naturally in, respectively, mud, natural bodies of water, and in the guts of earthworms, the guts of shellfish (particularly wild shrimp), the guts of fish, and the guts of wild animals.

BTW, since I have mentioned the term "soil-based organisms", I should also acknowledge that this term, and its abbreviation, SBOs, have become widely used in marketing efforts by vendors of probiotic products sold for use by humans and animals, along with the concomitant claim that SBOs are a key to optimal gut health (I must point out here that a very wide variety of microbes exist that qualify for the name "soil-based organisms"). Incidentally, I have noticed that since perhaps around 2007, there have been a few vendors in the world of probiotics marketing that have claimed that all "soil-based organisms", aka SBOs, used in probiotic products are, of necessity (so they claim), spore-forming bacteria. This is simply not true. While it is true that some SBOs are indeed spore-forming bacteria (the amazingly beneficial bacterium Bacillus subtilis comes to mind here), many soil-based organisms are not spore-forming microbes, and, in fact, none of the members of the category labeled as purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB) are spore-forming organisms, and yet they are often classified (and rightly so) as soil-based organisms.

In the section below, I will share with you the tale of how I ended up working in this realm. Interestingly, the tale is one that involves not a small amount of Divine guidance.

My Foray into the Realms of Beneficial Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes
The story that follows -- somewhat abbreviated due to considerations of time and webpage space (a somewhat longer version of this tale appears in one or more posts that I have sent to some of my relevant email list groups) -- will relate the somewhat magical tale of how I was led to work in this realm in the last few months of 2002.

As you will see in the tale that I share below, by late 2002, the cumulative mass and import of a large number of coincidences and synchronicities (that I will discuss below) was simply too great to ignore, and I finally, as they say in the vernacular, "woke up and smelled the coffee", that is, I began to pay attention to the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) messages and nudges that I was receiving on many levels, and in short order, based upon inner guidance, I started researching a very unique type of beneficial probiotic microbes, often found in the soil, and sometimes in waste streams, which I quickly came to categorize into the functional category called syntropic antioxidative microbes; for shorthand, I started to call this genre by the acronym SAM.

The tale below will tell you some of the details about those nudges, coincidences and synchronistic events, and about how I finally "woke up and smelled the coffee".

Some History and Background
So, to get on with our story, let's jump back for a moment to the year 2000, as that will best help to illustrate and illuminate the points that I wish to convey. Acting upon inner guidance, I had started offering consulting services in late 2000 to companies and individuals, primarily in the realms of alternative health, nutrition, antioxidant nutrition (including extremely low molecular weight antioxidants that yield "active hydrogen"), trace element nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and means and methods of reaching greater levels of happiness, inner peace, health, well-being and vitality (I should note here parenthetically that I had actually started offering these services on a part-time basis in 1996, but it remained a very part-time endeavor for several years due to the fact that I held a full-time job in the corporate world until late in the year 2000. It was also this same time period of late 2000 onward that saw the advent of some of my first informational websites devoted to some of the various topics that I have mentioned immediately above.

To help to fill out the picture of my life during that period, I had also been guided by Divine guidance, starting also late in 2000, to offer spiritual healing and spiritual coaching services via a dedicated website, one which exists to this day. However, between 2000 and mid-2010, it is fair to say that a majority of my time was devoted to my non-spiritual activities, that is, to my technical consulting services in the realms that I have described above, and in other technical and scientific realms that were to unfold around early 2003.

Frankly, up till late 2002, I had, for much of my life, exhibited little interest in microbes. While I was certainly nowhere near as aversive to "bacteria" and "microbes" as are most modern Westerners (remember here that we live in a culture that is so aversive to microbes and "germs" that consumers flock to purchase "hand sanitizers", which promise to kill all microbes present on the skin…), my sole experiences with microbes until that point had been very few, and had consisted largely of the following:
  • One or two very brief and largely-unsuccessful attempts to homebrew beer back in the 1970s.

  • A brief period in the 1970s when I was raising livestock and was forced to learn a bit about livestock veterinary medicine, including management and treatment of livestock diseases.

  • A one-year period in the 1980s when I had tried my hand at maintaining saltwater aquaria, at which time I was forced to learn a bit about de-nitrifying bacteria and detoxifying bacteria, as it was essential to encourage the growth and proliferation of such microbes in the gravel bed and the filter media of my saltwater aquaria with such microbes if my fish and invertebrates were to have any chance of flourishing, much less surviving!

  • In the early 1980s, I had briefly visited an elderly doctor who practiced Anthroposophic medicine (a type of metaphysical healing based upon the occult teachings of Rudolf Steiner) to see if he could offer help with some allergies that I had at the time. During his initial interviews with me, while taking my health history, he expressed concern over the fact that I had not only been exposed to DES when I was in my mother's womb (I had, by that time, learned that I was a "DES baby"), but that I had also been exposed -- via skin contact and inhalation exposure on one of my jobs -- to significant quantities of an electronic component cleaning solution called 1, 1, 1, trichloroethane, a somewhat toxic hydrogenated hydrocarbon solvent, and that I had also been exposed to very large amounts of mercury, due to the fact that the teeth in my mouth, at that time, bore at least 48 mercury/silver amalgam dental fillings (aka dental restorations).

    He stated that he felt that it would be highly desirable, and important, to detoxify my bodily tissues of these nasty compounds, and, on one visit, he mentioned wistfully two closely-related esoteric Anthroposophic remedies that had at one time been offered for sale in European Anthroposophic pharmacies as a tissue detoxifying compound; one version of the product was a reddish skin cream, and the other was a reddish liquid, designed for oral consumption, and sold in a small dropper bottle, and each product, he told me, had apparently contained some very powerful red bacteria that helped to rapidly detoxify the body; he had also mentioned that the powerful red bacteria found in these products were grown (cultured) in sunlight, because they were photosynthetic). Unfortunately, he told me, these two related products had disappeared from the shelves of the Anthroposophic pharmacies by the mid-1960s, never to be seen again. So, while the products were no longer available, I filed this odd but intriguing information away in my mind (and also in a notebook that I kept at the time, for I was already aware that my long-term memory was none too good, perhaps due to the mercury exposure) for future reference. (Of course, I was to discover years later that the red photosynthetic microbes in these products were purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB).)

  • By the late 1980s, circa 1988 or so, I had learned of the existence of some purportedly very powerful and near-magical nutritional supplements bearing various names such as Renaissance Drink, Renaissance Beverage, Sumer-Tech, Sumerian Elixir, Vida Source, Vida Force, Vida Lyze, Gaiandriana, Aquagaia, Pure Fruit & Tea Drink, and Pure Fruit & Tea Concentrate that had been created and marketed by a maverick immigrant PhD scientist, now living in the US Southwest, named Dr. George Merkl. These products had quickly skyrocketed to a notable level of fame in the New Age world and the alternative health world, and by the early 1990s, I ultimately purchased some of the liquid products from a company operated by a man in Texas named Dan York who was a friend of Dr. Merkl, and one of his prime resellers.

    These liquid probiotic products that I purchased were quite pricey at the time, often commanding a price of about $45 for a one-ounce dropper bottle or more. I quickly noticed that the Merkl products offered me some degree of help with some chronic health problems that I had at the time, and I continued ingesting the products periodically until around the year 2001, by which time the Merkl products had largely disappeared from the marketplace.

    However, I always remembered the fact that Dan, the vendor, had told me more than once that the Merkl products were created via a long fermentation of various wild-harvested fruits, vegetables, and herbs in a "solar reactor" exposed to direct sunlight. In fact, around mid-1996, I had even wondered if perhaps I might try my hand at creating a similar product for myself for own use, and in short order, I was advised during a deep meditation, by divine guidance from Holy Spirit, that it was not yet the right time in my life for me to tackle such a project, due to its sheer magnitude, but I was assured that I would, in about 7 to 8 years time, be given the opportunity to learn how to make fermented probiotic products that contained the same near-magical microbes found in the Merkl products, and that I would learn how to make products, using these microbes, that were even more powerful than the Merkl products. Satisfied with this inner guidance, I decided to wait and bide my time. (Of course, I was to discover years later that the "magical" microbes in these products were purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB).)

  • One or two entirely-unsuccessful attempts to grow edible gourmet shiitake mushrooms and other gourmet/delicacy mushrooms at home (using home mushroom-growing kits that were starting to appear on the market) in the late 1980s.

  • Beyond that, about my only other involvement with microbes by mid-year 2002 was a growing and dawning realization, and acknowledgment, of the tremendously important role that beneficial microbes play in the gut, that is, in the GI tract of humans and animals, and a growing understanding of the importance of a good gut microbial flora to attain optimal levels of health, well-being and vitality. In fact, I began to strongly appreciate the fact that I had not ingested any kind of antibiotic pharmaceutical products since the mid-1980s, because such products can seriously damage the gut microbial flora.
Beyond what I have noted above, I had, by mid-2002, pretty much zero interest in microbes, and rather, my primary interests during that period lay in nutrition (particularly Paleolithic diets and partly-raw diets), including mineral and trace element nutrition, and heart-centered methods of achieving greater levels of happiness, health, and well-being. And, when I started receiving nudges and hints in early and mid-2002 that I might wish to start paying greater attention to the role of beneficial probiotic microbes in attaining optimal levels health and vitality, and to their role in sustainable farming, I largely ignored them, and, indeed, I kept saying to myself something to the effect that I was "not very interested in microbes." Well, Divinity, aka Supreme Heart, aka Source, aka God, had other plans for me, as we shall shortly see...

Starting around mid-2002, I started, during my meditations, to receive guidance from my guides and angels, and from Holy Spirit, to the effect that, in addition to the work that I was already doing in the realms of nutrition, health and well-being, and in addition to my ongoing work as a spiritual healer, I should also start to explore soil-based microbes, because, I was advised, there were some extremely powerful and near-magical soil-based microbes that Divine guidance wanted me to start working with, and to use, particularly as a probiotic nutritional supplement. I was even assured that these microbes produced large amounts of antioxidants, a fact which would mesh well with my then-current work with cutting-edge antioxidant nutritional supplements.

Somehow, despite the fact that, in general, I was usually quite receptive to inner guidance that I received from Divinity, in this particular case, I chose to ignore that particular piece of guidance, despite the fact that my guides, angels, and Holy Spirit nudged me about this matter a number of times starting in perhaps May of 2002. I was able to rationalize my refusal to investigate the realms of soil-based microbes in order to identify and start to work with the near-magical microbes because I was already quite busy with numerous other activities at the time. And so, I kept ignoring the repeated inner nudges from Divinity to explore these potentially very beneficial microbes.

At about this point, while I was still resisting and/or ignoring my inner guidance regarding this matter, I started to receive other nudges in this same direction of working with certain very powerful beneficial probiotic soil-based microbes. Looking back, I can say in hindsight that because I was initially rather reluctant to start working in the field of beneficial probiotic microbes, and because I was ignoring a number of signs in the outer world and nudges on the inner level to start exploring this realm, I was literally dragged into this field by Holy Spirit via a whole slew of synchronicities, strange coincidences, and odd events that occurred between June 2002 and December 2002, and these magical synchronistic events that kept pushing me into the realm of beneficial probiotic syntropic antioxidative microbes included all of the following, and all within the same six month period:
  • Strange dreams that two otherwise down-to-earth Old Order Amish farmers of my acquaintance had about me (and that they subsequently related to me in phone calls), wherein they somewhat awkwardly told me that they were advised by angels in their dreams that they should get rid of their existing "organic soil consultants" and instead call me and ask me to "teach them about how to create really excellent soil for organic farming" and they further advised me that it had something to do with "…really special fermented (sic) soil microbes."

  • A mystical visionary message relayed to me by a sober and stoic Old Order Mennonite farmer who was an acquaintance and occasional consulting client (in the realm of raw Paleolithic diet and nutrition). He told me, somewhat reluctantly, that he had experienced a vision one night wherein he was "shown" that I would teach him and others about "special probiotic microbes" that could revolutionize sustainable farming and organic farming, and also revolutionize the field of human and animal health. He further told me that this was all somehow connected with fermentation, but not the type of fermentation seen in brewing beer or wine. He was as mystified by the vision and message as was I.

  • An unsolicited spontaneous comment offered by a spiritual healer/intuitive colleague, to the effect that she had recently had a dream that I was soon to start working with "…powerful beneficial microbes that exude amazing healing energies."

  • Starting in early 2002, in large part due to my work in operating a website on raw Paleolithic diets aka Raw Paleo diets), along with a large email list group devoted to the same topic, I started to become aware that vendors of probiotic products for humans were starting to use the term "soil-based organisms", and the related shorthand term SBOs, as an increasingly-hyped marketing buzzword to imply that their probiotic product contained soil-bases microbes that were, they claimed (or implied), far more powerful in terms of beneficial effects than the probiotic microbes usually found in "traditional" probiotic products.

  • Several dog-eared, stained and faded copies of articles from long-defunct magazines and journals about "magical agricultural microbes that destroy toxins and remediate contaminated soils" that two previously-unknown-to-me self-styled amateur sustainable agriculture researchers -- each of whom had apparently found me via my websites about optimal health and Paleolithic diets -- had mailed to me; from what little they told me, they were intrigued by the descriptions of the magical beneficial microbes and their properties but were frustrated by the fact that the articles indicated that the secrets of the technology had been lost when the inventor had died in 1975. They were each hoping that I, due to my strong background in the realms of holistic health, nutrition and science, might be able to shed some light on the matter.

  • Several chance phone calls from acquaintances and ex-clients, largely from my various email list groups, asking me if I could offer consulting advice and steering regarding their new-found interest in beneficial probiotic microbes; three of them further mentioned having heard about certain types of beneficial microbes that exhibited antioxidant properties and could possibly be used to remediate contaminated soils and/or contaminated waterways.

  • A phone call from a former chemical engineer-turned-organic-farmer in Nebraska; he had initially called to inquire about retaining me for some consulting on trace elements as a supplement for human nutrition and as a farm soil amendment. However, during one of our calls, he happened to mention that many years ago, back in the 1970s, when he was a practicing chemical engineer dealing with the treatment of toxic industrial waste, he had come across a strange proprietary microbial culture marketed by an elderly and very-secretive inventor located in northern Nevada.

    While the inventor primarily marketed his proprietary microbial product as a soil conditioner for farmers working with soils in relatively dry areas, he had avowed that his microbial culture would also remediate toxic waste. My caller told me that he had experimented with using the microbial product to treat liquid waste streams containing toxic industrial waste, and that it had performed "astoundingly" in reducing levels of toxins and in reducing odor and corrosion of metal plumbing and other metal equipment in the waste stream. He further told me that he had continued to intermittently use this strange microbial culture product in his waste treatment design and engineering work until 1982 when the product suddenly became unavailable.

    Upon protracted inquiry, the chemical engineer-turned-farmer had learned that the elderly inventor – who was the sole producer of the microbial culture and reportedly also the only person who possessed the "formula" – had died in mid-1982, and it appeared that his mysterious formula had died with him. All my caller could remember of what the elderly inventor had told him was that the product, a nearly-clear liquid, was produced by a lengthy fermentation and that some key ingredients were cow manure, the urine from pregnant mares, and the flexible membrane (aka "lining") found inside the shells of eggs from hens. My caller told me that the elderly inventor had at one time confided in him that the secret ingredient in his microbial brew was photosynthetic microbes. (Interestingly, a few years later, in late 2006, while presenting several lectures on uses of SAM beneficial microbes in agriculture over a span of several days at an Acres USA conference in Indianapolis, I met two farmers, both from the northern Midwest, who had apparently also been customers at one time of the elderly inventor, and each had used his products on their farm soil until the product became unavailable.)

  • I had started, somewhat grudgingly, to perform some experiments in the latter half of 2002 with using ancient sourdough yeast cultures to create sourdough breads with extremely long rising/fermentation times (of the order of five days), on the hunch that such long-fermented sourdough breads would exhibit powerful beneficial nutritional properties.

  • Some anomalous, but ambiguous and confusing, tales about mysterious beneficial microbes that exhibited syntropic (aka negentropic or anti-entropic) and antioxidative properties had emerged during my web-based research on the topic of long-fermented sourdough breads. Unfortunately, most of the information that I could find on the web about these microbes was confusing, ambiguous, often contradictory, and even, at times, downright maddening due to the obvious deficiencies.

  • Starting around August of 2002, an increasing number of people -- some of them drawn from the ranks of visitors to my website devoted to raw Paleolithic diets and related health topics, and also from the ranks of the membership rolls of my email list group devoted to the same topics -- began to contact me in an attempt to solicit my opinion (and, frankly, I had no opinion on the matter either way at the time) about a microbial inoculant product that was marketed, largely for use in agriculture (for use on ag soils, etc.) and for remediation of toxic waste and polluted soils, that had become nearly legendary in some sustainable agriculture circles in Asia, including in Southeast Asia. The product, a microbial consortium that contained purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB), had purportedly been developed in the early 1980s by a university horticulture professor in Okinawa, Japan. A number of the people who contacted me had also mentioned the fact that the Japanese horticulture professor had first learned of the usefulness of the PNSB microbes (which were part of the microbial consortium) from a fellow professor in the microbiology department at the same university, who had apparently been using these microbes for remediation of toxic soils and toxin-laden bodies of water since the 1960s.

  • The penultimate nudging factor (which I managed to nonetheless continue to ignore) came around August of 2002, when a woman on the West Coast who worked as an intuitive called me to introduce herself; she had seen my website about my spiritual healing services, and she proposed a bit of tradework: she would give me a telephone psychic reading if I would do some remote spiritual healing work for her. In those days, such calls from psychics, intuitives, energy healers and fellow spiritual healers were quite commonplace, and in this particular case, I agreed to the woman's request, and I commenced a few days of spiritual healing work for her. She called me back a day or two after her first call to give me my free telephone intuitive reading.

    Many of the things that she reported to me about my life were quite accurate and were not pieces of information that she could have "harvested" from any other sources, such as by web searches, and I was quite impressed with the accuracy of her reading. Near the very end of the reading, she kinda chided me, for, she said, she was seeing clearly that my angels and guides had been asking me, for over four months now, to do some kind of work with probiotic microbes for the benefit of all humans, and that I was steadfastly resisting that inner guidance. She said to me that if continued to ignore the inner guidance, then I would start receiving more and more nudges on the outer-world level, and stronger and stronger nudges in that outer-world realm, until I were to "wake up and pay attention and do what God is asking you to do." In fact, she told me, if I continued to ignore the nudges in this direction from the Divine on both the inner and outer levels, then the nudges from the outer world would become more and more intense, and more and more drastic, until I finally agreed to work in this realm, and she added humorously, with a dramatic flair: "If you do not act on the hints and start doing work in this area, then I would not be surprised if God were to send the Department of Agriculture, the FDA, the FBI or the CIA to knock on your door and badger you to start working with this stuff!" (Of course, I did not take this reminder to heart, and I continued, at that time, to refuse the inner guidance asking me to start researching beneficial probiotic soil-based microbes...!)

  • Finally, the finishing touch was an intriguing phone call from an FBI special agent in November of 2002, and I followed up on our friendly telephone conversation by inviting her and her colleague, also a federal agent, to visit me at my home the next day, in the early afternoon, for a conversation, one that would turn out to be almost three hours long. During that meeting with the FBI special agent and her colleague from another agency, a meeting which was rather scintillating and illuminating, much of the topic about which they wished to talk centered around -- yes, you guessed it! – soil-based microbes found in farm soils, and various means of propagating these soil-based microbes via fermentation!

    Now, this particular "divine intervention" awed me, for it was an amazing display of synchronicity! In fact, as soon as the agents had hopped in their car and left, after a very warm, overly-kind and complimentary goodbye on the part of the female FBI agent (who had told me, with some degree of awe and a warm smile, that I was a genius, an autodidact and a polymath), I finally surrendered to the multiple messages and nudges that I had been receiving on both the inner and outer levels from Divine guidance, and I sat down forthwith at my PC and started to research the topic of beneficial soil-based probiotic microbes that produce copious amounts of antioxidants during fermentation! This led me, in short order, to my work with the SAM microbes and particularly the PNSB microbes.
So eventually, as you can see from the final bulleted item above, by late 2002, the cumulative mass and import of all these above-mentioned magical strange signs and signals was too great to ignore, and I finally "woke up and smelled the coffee", that is, I paid attention, and in short order, based upon inner guidance, I started researching a very unique type of beneficial probiotic microbes, often found in the soil, which I quickly came to call "syntropic antioxidative microbes"; for shorthand, I started to call this genre by the acronym "SAM".

Once I had finally and belatedly allowed myself to venture into this field, I learned rapidly, because I am a mystic and an intuitive/clairsentient as well as a scientist -- and as my FBI agent visitor had generously pointed out, I am an autodidact and a polymath -- and within a short time I was authoring websites, books and articles aimed a demystifying and de-mythologizing the entire field of SAM microbes, and offering pragmatic guidance on applications for these near-magical SAM microbes across a number of realms. I was also in short order recognized as an internationally-known authority on syntropic antioxidative microbes and their applications in a wide variety of fields, and was invited to lecture in venues around the world on this topic.

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End Notes
A somewhat longer and more detailed version of my tale as related on this page may appear in one or more of my posts on this topic that I have sent to my semi-public email list group (originally at Yahoo Groups, now at groups.io due to Yahoo Groups downscaling in October 2019) devoted to the topic of Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes (aka SAM) and particularly PNSB microbes, and also to my private email list group devoted to advanced topics in the realm of PNSB microbes (a very powerful and near-magical type of syntropic antioxidative microbes). See my home page on this site for more info on the list group.

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If you wish to learn more about me (Vinny Pinto), including a more detailed background and bio, and also including an overview of the websites and email list groups that I operate, please see my main consulting website, at http://www.vinnypinto.us

If you are interested in utilizing my consulting services, please be advised, as noted on my main consulting website, that, due to the demands of my non-denominational spiritual work, I have largely retired from providing consulting services in the realms of the sciences and engineering, but I still do accept a few consulting projects that I might find interesting or of benefit to the world at large. And, if that previous warning did not discourage you from your intent to apply for my private consulting services, then please also consider the fact that my prepaid hourly consulting fee is a minimum of $950 per hour, with a minimum block of consulting time of one hour. For more information on my consulting services, including terms and rates and how to handle the application process, please see the Consulting Terms and Rates page on my main consulting website, at http://www.vinnypinto.us/consulting-terms-1.html

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